Enabling teams and organisations to work frictionless towards a vision.

Site blocking VPNs, uncomfortable Windows 7 bricks, Skype for Business, Internet Explorer, paperfull processes, legal department over anything... sounds familiar? That's life in the big corporations of Germany.

For the past couple of years, I was able to explore (and struggle under) these working environments and witness what it means for teams if they are working with handcuffs and how they change once they get set free. From my experience, the biggest problem of these companies are the many tools and processes that are working against the workforce, making them deal with dull tasks all day long and suppressing any creativity, motivation or passion to work on something with greater impact. I've seen talent wasting their time by working through hundreds of tickets per day that could have been automated. Programmers that could only get their emails when connected to the corporate VPN which blocks any traffic from the terminal, so there was no way to perform all aspects of work from the same network. And processes that are so cumbersome that employees actually rejected special payments to get around dealing with them. This is absolutely insane 🤯.

On February 1st, car2go - the company I currently work for - was set free of these handcuffs basically overnight. The company has to get rid of all inherited processes and tools and setup its own. This is such a mind boggling opportunity and challenge to transform how 1000 employees work for the better. And it already started.

We just introduced G-Suite for example (the email provider from Google used by basically every startup). And it simply changes everything. It feels stupid to write this, but the fact that I get my email while I work and can check my private AND business calendar on my phone, in the same app is such a productivity boost for me, that I feel almost ashamed I got used to the handcuff world. My tools now work for me, not against me and I feel 10 times more productive at work.

At other teams, we are replacing archaic processes and paperwork with modern cloud-based software systems. Those teams experience a usability and degree of automation that they can't believe they ever worked a different way. Things that took them weeks are now done in a button click. Some people are afraid they're not needed anymore before realising they can now focus on much more meaningful work. They become truly enabled.

If you can design all processes and its underlying software to serve both, the receiving team and the user, a companies output is increased exponentially. It's like a compound effect of productivity. What an exciting new world.

Don't get me wrong, we still have processes that make me pull my hair out, but we will get there. And of course, there are teams that never knew anything different. For them, this change is hard - they've been in captivity for their whole life. So everyone needs to help them navigate this new freedom.

Is your company talking a lot about "digital transformation"? Then you probably work with handcuffs right now. Unfortunately, all german companies that I have seen might put new paint on the office wall and people wear jeans & chucks instead of a suit, but the core problem doesn't change: teams and departments are building walls of processes, keeping themselves busy while the competition moves ahead.

Losing these handcuffs might be one of the most important changes our corporations need to do. And if you work there, they need you more than ever for that change.