How One Change Can Open Up a World of Opportunities

We all love our comfort zone. It's cosy, people know us here and we know what to expect. That's true for our professional life just as much as our private life. We are tied, have roots, social circles and responsibilities we can't leave. The waitress in that café and the cashier at the grocery store already know me. I can't leave. For me though, my professional life recently pushed me to make a decision: leaving Stuttgart, as our offices will be closed here. That triggered more things than I expected.

That initial barrier of not leaving was quite huge. After some months though, my fiancé and I decided to risk it and leave Stuttgart by the end of the year. She recently told her boss and is getting ready to pass her responsibilities on to a successor. Now that our mind is open to leaving Stuttgart, something strange is happening.

We are seeing, offered and maybe even looking for all kinds of possibilities and opportunities. We wanted to go to A but now we are offered B, see C as an option and think about why not even D? It feels like we got a little freer and can now re-shape our life a bit. Where we live, how we live, what we work on, etc...

This made me realise that there are probably a million opportunities around us that we ignore or overlook despite them possibly being a huge improvement to our lives. The one thing that makes us overlook them is our strong feeling of connectedness to the status quo. That's a good thing in my book but nevertheless, opening our minds for opportunities, as in "why the hell shouldn't I do that", accepting the fact that changing the status quo is easier than we think might lead us to paths we never even thought of.

I can't say yet where I will live next year. And I kinda love it. I feel a little more free and my guess is until we decided to narrow down our options to make a final decision, even more, opportunities will arise.

I can tell you that the feeling is awesome, but I can only tell you how it turns out next year. On the other hand, the last times I opened myself up in this degree I moved to NYC and went to Japan before that. These were times I would never want to miss. This makes me very excited about what's ahead.